13 Blog Posts with Tips and Advice for Running a Cash Only Business

by Staff Writer

There are many small businesses worldwide that offer services that they only accept cash for, and running a cash only business can be confusing sometimes. One of the things that is very important is keeping good records, especially because of taxes and rules that affect these types of businesses more than others. Accepting credit cards and other forms of payment may increase your customers but for many this is more than they want to deal with so they choose to accept only cash, it saves them on extra fees that come with accepting credit cards and as long as good records are being kept there should be no issues, just a smooth flowing business. Below are 13 blog posts that can offer some great advice for anyone that runs a cash only business or for those planning on starting one up in the future.

  1. Accepting Cash Only – Many businesses are now accepting cash only; here is some information on the pros and cons of being a cash only business.
  2. Can You Afford to Run a Cash-Only Business? – With the cost of being able to accept credit cards and the risk of accepting checks many small business owners have considered being cash only, this post goes over some info to help you determine if your small business can afford it.
  3. How to run a cash-only medical practice and thrive – Even some medical practitioners are going the cash only route. This post discusses how a physician became cash only and how he has thrived in doing so.
  4. How to Run a Business Without a Credit Card Machine – This post discusses running a business without accepting credit cards. It does not just go over being a cash only business but some of the advice still applies to cash only businesses.
  5. Doing Business with Cash Only – Many of us remember businesses just like that because years ago, many businesses had a “Cash Only” policy. Purchases were made and services performed only if cash changed hands. These days, it may not be that simple because a cash-only business would limit its potential customers.
  6. Paper or Plastic? The Ramifications of Being a Cash-Only Business – This post goes over some of the negative aspects of being a cash only business. If you are considering being cash only then you should read this first because it may change your mind.
  7. How to avoid tax evasion with a cash only business? – This was a question posted by an individual looking for info regarding a tax only business and avoiding tax issues. There are some great answers to the question which is a question I am sure many wonder about when starting a cash only business.
  8. Tax Tips for Cash-Only Businesses – Here is some great advice regarding taxes fir a cash only business. It is extra important to keep on top of everything when running a cash business and here you can find some great info to help.
  9. More Tax tips for Cash Only Businesses – This is another post that discusses taxes and the best way to deal with them when running cash only business.
  10. Business tips: Cash is King – This post discusses cash only businesses and some other scenarios for accepting payments for your small business.
  11. How to Show Your Income if You Run a Cash Business – Showing your income when running cash business does not have to be difficult with good record-keeping skills. Cash-only businesses must verify income with receipts and corresponding bank deposits.
  12. Small Businesses Losing Millions in Sales by Not Accepting Credit Cards – This post discusses more of the downfalls of being cash only, this is another that can help you decide if you want to be cash only or if you want to accept credit cards as well.
  13. Cash-only pioneers teach other docs the ropes – Although industry estimates indicate that as little as 3 percent of U.S. physicians have made the switch to direct-pay or cash-only business models, the number of doctors exploring practicing without insurance contracts is climbing, according to a pair of articles from Medscape Today.


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