15 Blog Posts to Help You Understand Small Business Accounting and Taxes

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accountingRunning a business requires a lot of attention to detail and hard work. One of the most important things that you will need to understand and deal with is the financial aspect of the company. Accounting is very important, and doing a bad job managing your finances can literally destroy a company. A lot of small business owners try doing the accounting themselves and there are many business owners that are good at it because they took the time to learn what needs to be done so everything runs smoothly. There are many other small business owners that don’t have a clue what they are doing, some try anyways and in many cases it leads to nothing but trouble. If you are not 100% sure that you know what you are doing when it comes to managing your company finances then your best bet is to spend some time learning what you need to do or else you should hire someone to handle that for you.

  1. Why Your Small Business Needs an Accountant and How You Can Save on Accounting Fees – This is an excellent post discussing why hiring a professional accountant is usually the best way to go when you are running a business.
  2. Choosing an Accountant: Advice from Small Business Owners – Here are some great quotes and tips from many small business owners.
  3. Business Finance – Business Accounting Advice – There are three main functions of business accounting that go widely ignored: planning, control, and decision making. Many people mistakenly believe that business accounting is simply to do with processing numbers.
  4. Bean Counter's Tips for Small Business – Here are more tips that come from an accountant regarding small business accounting. There is a lot of good advice in this article and it is a great read for anyone trying to get a grasp on the topic.
  5. Simple Business Accounting Techniques for New Entrepreneurs – Learning and understanding the basics of running a small business and how to manage the finances is extremely important and this post has some great advice and techniques.
  6. How to choose the right accountant or CPA for your needs – Running a small business can get confusing at times, and for many people the most confusing aspect is the finances. Often times small businesses will hire a part time accountant to help with this, if you plan on going that route then here is some great advice to help you on your search.
  7. 7 Tax Tips for Small Business – Taxes are always another confusing part of running your own small business, here are 7 excellent tips regarding taxes.
  8. Record Keeping in Small Business – This is an old article but it is still useful today, keeping records is very important for both accounting and for tax purposes and this article has some good info regarding record keeping.
  9. Commonsense Tips on Keeping Business Records – Running a successful business entails keeping accurate and timely financial information. Learn what to keep include in your record keeping system.
  10. Small Business Accounting – Financial Statement and Tax Information – This is a very informative post on all aspects of small business record keeping and small business taxes.
  11. Small Business Tax Strategies – Here is a nice guide on small business and taxes, this is one of the most confusing parts of running a business, and also one of the most important.
  12. Small Business Tax FAQ – This post answers some common tax questions on tax deductions for small businesses.
  13. Small Business Tax News – This is a very helpful page since it is updated all the time with small business tax news, in my opinion this is a must bookmark page for anyone that handles small biz taxes.
  14. More Small Biz Tax Advice – This is another Q & A that can be helpful for small biz owners and accountants. These are questions submitted by people just like you and are answered by experts on the subject.
  15. Tax Advice for Starting Your Own Business – When you take on the multiple financial responsibilities of starting your own business, it’s crucial to receive the best advice possible on properly handling your expected taxes.

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