15 Blog Posts with Tips Regarding Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks

by Staff Writer

Writer: Carol Wilson
Depending on what type of business you run, or if you work for yourself and create products and other intellectual property than you need to know about things you can do to protect your ideas. Patents, trademarks, and copyrights are extremely important, yet many people don’t understand how the process works or how they protect you. There is a lot of great info on the web, as with anything else, so we compiled some nice resources that can you help you find answers to questions, as well as sites that can help you get the protection you need so no-one else can steal them from you.
  1. Online Patent Resource Wiki – Here is a very handy wiki that has all kinds of information regarding patents and much more, this is a definitely an amazing place to get answers to may questions that may come up while searching for information.
  2. American Patent and Trademark Law Center – Here is some great legal information about patents and trademarks that can help inventors with protection of new ideas and protect their products from patent infringement.
  3. Canadian Innovation Centre – This is a great site for innovators in Canada and it can help with many different things, but most importantly with patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other things important to your inventions and intellectual property.
  4. US Copyright Offices – This site is essential if you are looking to copyright anything, it is the official US government patent offices website. The site has a lot of excellent information as well as everything you need to obtain your copyright.
  5. European Patent Office – The patent granting authority website for Europe, the site provides tools for patent applicants, including a patent search program and current updates on official and legal patent information throughout Europe.
  6. Patent search – This site can help you locate existing patents and much more, a great resource for anyone that has to deal with the patent process.
  7. The Great Idea Finder – This site is all about innovative ideas, new developments, as well as discussions on the history of invention and other resources are also available.
  8. Invent Resources – Invent resources is a unique organization founded to meet your intellectual property, patent and new product needs.
  9. From Patent to Profit – yet another great site that covers everything you need to know about your invention, from the patent process right through to the marketing and sales aspect.
  10. The US Patent and Trademark office – The US patent and trademark site is another essential website to help you through the process.
  11. Copyright Website – The ultimate copyright portal for real world, practical copyright information.
  12. Intellectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure – here is some great information regarding intellectual property and many great links to help you learn more about it and protect your ideas.
  13. Copyright Law Materials Provided By Cornell Law School – This page has a lot of other great resources regarding copyrights and is very reliable and up to date information, definitely a great place to help you when you are confused.
  14. Copyright Clearance Center – This is a not-for-profit organization providing collective copyright licensing services and is another excellent resource on the web to help you out.
  15. Understanding Copyrights and Copyright Resources – Copyright belongs to the creator the moment an image is made. If you are an employee, your employer is considered the creator while you are working. If you are self-employed, you own your images unless you sign a contract giving away the rights.


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