15 Blogs with Tips for Marketing Your Business Offline

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by Pam Clark

Whether you run an online business, an offline business, or both, then you know the importance of marketing and how it can increase your bottom line. The problem many businesses run into when they are marketing is that they do mostly online marketing and there are others that do just offline marketing. The trick to more success is taking advantage of both, this way you can reach a wider audience and draw new business in from many places. This is especially important for new businesses because it can help you build up a nice client base quickly and start bringing in profits, which will easily cover the money you spent on marketing. Here are some blogs that offer advice on marketing, many of these just cover offline marketing but some of these blogs also have good advice on marketing your business online as well.

  1. Offline Marketing Advice – This is a whole category for offline marketing and there are many great posts and articles discussing offline marketing tactics and other tips and tricks. There is a lot of must read info contained within and plenty of info to keep you busy for a while.
  2. 7 Tips on Matching Your Online and offline Marketing – This blog posts discusses both on and offline marketing and explains why it is important to combine both your online and offline business presences. There is some great advice here and following these tips can help immensely.
  3. Everything Small Business – Here is a blog with more great information that caters to small businesses. You can find info on all areas of marketing as well as lots of other great resources that can help your business live long and prosper.
  4. 6 Offline Marketing Strategies To Help Promote Your Website – Here are some great tips to help promote your business website offline, these tips will work for any website, even if your site is not business related.
  5. Small Business Marketing – How to Market Online and Offline – Another excellent blog post that covers both ends of the spectrum. You will find plenty of great advice in this post and the site has a lot more to offer small business owners as well.
  6. Importance of Offline Marketing – An interesting post explaining why offline marketing is still important. This post definitely hits the nail on the head, many sites are focusing all of their efforts marketing online, but there are many people you will fail to reach online so offline marketing is easily the best solution.
  7. 99+ Offline Marketing Ideas – This post contains a whole bunch of great ways to market your business and website offline, definitely a great post to get some fresh ideas.
  8. How to Integrate Facebook into Your Business’s Offline Marketing Campaign – This is a helpful post and the title explains it all, this is definitely something every business should be including in any offline marketing practices.
  9. Forget the Web, Think Memorable Offline Advertising – Even more great tips for marketing offline, and these are some excellent ideas that can be affordable and well worth the investment.
  10. There Are Many Benefits in Offline Marketing – FTA – “You are leaving a lot of money on the table by not taking advantage of offline marketing. It’s easy; just get your site’s link in front of their eyes. Following are several techniques to use to see fast results.”
  11. Promo Products BlogThis blog has all kinds of great info about promoting your site in many different ways, definitely a must read and subscribe blog.
  12. 101 Online and Offline Marketing Ideas For Your Business – A nice collection of tips covering both online and offline marketing, using a combination of both tactics will help your business grow in no time.
  13. 32 Kick Ass Offline Marketing Tips – This post discusses even more ways you can effectively promote your business or website offline, there are some different ideas in here that many people do not even consider but can make a world of difference.
  14. 7 Offline Marketing Ideas to Build Buzz for Your Business – Offline marketing is getting left in the dust, with many people viewing it as antiquated and ineffective.
  15. Creative Business 101 – Offline Marketing Ideas – For those of us into social media, blogging and all the latest online marketing buzz…it can sometimes overshadow the importance of offline marketing. In fact, the best way to get quality business leads is through word of mouth. So I think it’s supremely important to cultivate your marketing efforts both online and offline.

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