15 Posts to Help You Understand Business Law

by Staff Writer

When running a business it is important to understand different laws that apply to your business, laws may vary depending on the State you live in but there are many that apply almost everywhere in the US. The laws do change as well, so keeping up with changes to business laws is also very important. If you do not know the laws you may not be following them correctly and this can lead to fines and other problems for your business somewhere down the line, so education and keeping up with changes are a necessity in the business world. These 15 posts discuss some of the laws relating to business and they can help you understand and follow the correct legal procedures in different situations.
  1. Understand Business Law & Regulations – The US small Business Administration has a great section here covering various business laws and regulations, this one is a must read for anyone running a business or about to start a new business.
  2. Understanding Common Transactional Business Law Issues – The creation and management of a corporation entails intricate processes and complex business concepts. One must be knowledgeable in business transaction laws to avoid potential and future litigation.
  3. Understanding the fundamentals of business law – No matter what type of business you entity you run or are just starting it is very important to understand the basic fundamentals of business law.
  4. What you Need to Know About Business law – here is another rundown that covers some of the more important points when learning about business law.
  5. Business Law Today – A great resource that covers all aspects of business law, this site is easy to navigate and full of great information.
  6. Business Law Resources – Here are a bunch of resources relating to business and business law. Everything is nicely organized and easy to navigate and is a great read for all business owners.
  7. Business Law Advice – Another great post with all kinds of info pertaining to different areas of business, there are a lot of resources listed that can help you find answers to any questions that arise.
  8. Employment, labor, and pension law – A huge collection of resources that cover many different areas of law that are useful for all types of businesses.
  9. Four Legal Issues to Consider When Starting a Company – This post covers four things that should be considered when getting your company started.
  10. Business Legal Structures – This covers all of the different legal business structures and explains how they all work.
  11. Business Law News – Frequently updated site with business law news to help you stay on top of things in a rapidly changing business world.
  12. International Business :: In The News – Lots of great business and business law related news from all over the world.
  13. Business law Daily – Another great site that is always updated with current and relevant business law news and changes.
  14. Small Business and legal news – The Legal Zoom blog has a lot of information about small businesses and various business law related articles, this is definitely another blog worth subscribing to.
  15. Business law articles – The last one on our list is a great collection of articles related to business law, another great breakdown of different laws that may be relevant to your business.
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