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Promoting your business is always important, whether you are a start up or a business that has been growing, it is always important. Businesses try all types of different things to promote themselves, some are well known ways to spread your companies name and there are many other amazing ways to promote that are lesser known methods. Keeping up with the times and the changing face of promo and advertising due to the internet is extremely important, but a good mix of online and offline promotion is the best way to go about it, and it will also help with the branding of your company name. We have covered branding in the past, so this post is a bit different and has some great blogs and blog posts listed that can help you in your promotional endeavors. The 15 sites listed below offer great advice, and many we list that are just specific posts are sites you should browse around on a bit because many offer all kinds of other great info pertaining to business.

  1. 5 Small Business Promotion Tips for Tough Times – Running a business in a bad economy is pretty difficult at time, and many small business owners have been experiencing this for a couple of years now. Here are some good tips to still promote your business during the hard times.
  2. 9 Rules of Facebook Promotion Every Small Business Should Know – Facebook can be a very powerful promotional tool, which is why it is important for every business to have a business page. Here are some basic rules to help you get going on your FB business page.
  3. Marketing Advice: How to Use Promotional Items to Grow Your Small (Video) – A nice video that’s discusses how promotional products can help you grow your small business.
  4. Outdoor Promotional Advice – Outdoor promotion is another great way to get your company and products seen since many people travel by walking, biking, and many other ways that will see an outdoor ad daily.
  5. Promotional Products Can Help Get Your Logo Seen – Promo products are a great way to get your products out into the public so they will be seen by numerous people daily, they make great giveaways to current and potential clients as well.
  6. The Facebook Marketing Toolbox: 100 Tools and Tips to Tap the Facebook Customer Base – Here are excellent tools to help you with FB promotion, definitely some great stuff in here for anyone managing a FB business page.
  7. Low Cost Trade Show Strategies for Small Businesses – Trade shows used to cost a ridiculous amount of money.  And some of the big brands still spend a ridiculous amount of money to promote themselves and their brands at industry shows.  But you don’t have to.  Here are just a few checklist items you can work on to make your show a profitable activity.
  8. Marketing Ideas for Your Business – This whole site is dedicated to helping you with marketing and promotion for your business. Just take a look around the site and you will find plenty of extremely useful info and probably some ideas you have not thought of.
  9. 75 Big Marketing Ideas for Small Marketing Budgets – An excellent list of ideas and tips for marketing your business on a small budget.
  10. 7 Small Business Marketing Tips – Here are seven more tips that can help you get your small business noticed and will help increase your ROI.
  11. 5 Examples Of Marketing Strategies – Choosing The Right Strategy for Your Business – No matter if your company sells clothing for children, treats for pets, or biotechnical equipment for government agencies, your business’ marketing strategy is what ultimately determines the overall measurable success.
  12. Small Business Marketing – 20 Low Cost Marketing Ideas to Grab You More Clients – As a small business, marketing can sometimes be daunting, but take these 20 ideas and implement one idea every day.
  13. 5 Quick Tips: Low-Cost Small Business Marketing Ideas – Here are even more great tips to promote your site on a budget, and it also discusses the importance of the promo.
  14. Bonfire Buzz Marketing Ideas – When was the last time you beat your head against the desk, trying to figure out the best combination of marketing activities for your business? Even if you never get to that point, creating marketing magic is a very common challenge for small business owners, especially when there is limited time and a limited budget in the mix.
  15. 13 Quick & Effective Small Business Marketing Tips for Start Ups – Here are another batch of amazing tips to market and promote your business properly.

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