20 Blog Posts Discussing Online Advertising for Your Business

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In this day and age marketing has changed in so many ways because of the internet. Traditional advertising is still a big business and it always will be, but the world of online advertising has become more important to many companies. It is important to mix both offline and online advertising to help your business keep growing, but having the right team of people that understand both is extremely important. There are a few different ways to tackle online advertising, some companies have in house employees handle all of their marketing and advertising endeavors while others hire outside companies that specialize in various ways of advertising. There are so many different areas of online marketing that it is best to have a special team that does only that, with each member of the team bringing a different skill set to the table. Here are 20 blog posts that discuss online advertising and marketing, these posts cover things like Google Adwords and Facebook ads, as well as social media marketing and branding. Reading through these blogs can help you better understand the importance of online advertising.
  1. Getting Started Social Media Advertising on Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIn – Social media advertising and marketing is one of the biggest ways to get your name out there these days, and the results have been proven to be effective time and time again. Here are some great starter tips from a very respected industry blog.
  2. 6 Quick Tips for Smarter Online Advertising – Here are a few quick tips to help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to online advertising. Being smarter about it can save you money and still generate many leads.
  3. General Online Advertising Tips – This is a whole category section of this particular blog and it is loaded with a lot of informative posts that can help you grasp the world on online advertising a little better.
  4. Tips for Banner Advertising – This post has some great advice on banner advertising and they discuss things that work the best when you are trying to tackle that kind of advertising on relevant websites. Relevancy is very important because it will help you target the exact niche you are in and have it seen by the people that should be seeing the ad.
  5. Online Advertising Tips for Easier Online Sales – Here are even more great tips that can help you understand the best ways of using online ads to increase your ROI.
  6. 11 Tips for Google Adwords Success – Here are tips to help you become more successful when using Google Adwords to help promote your site and business online.
  7. 31 Killer Writing AdWords Ads Tips – Here are some killer tips for writing Adwords ad campaigns, the catchier you can make the ad sound the better the results will be. These tips are guaranteed to help if they are done correctly, so read up and improve your Adwords skills!
  8. 4 Tips For Writing Effective Adwords Ads – There are a few more great tips in here to help you maximize the performance of your ads.
  9. Tips for Building an Adwords Ad Group Structure – Creating a Pay per Click (PPC) campaign using Google’s AdWords could seem like a large, tedious task. However, with proper planning and organization, there is no reason you can’t build and structure the right ad groups in a breeze. Putting a PPC campaign together entails keyword research, building ad groups, and creating actual ads.
  10. TIPS, TRICKS, AND STRATEGY FOR USING GOOGLE ADWORDS: A NON-TECHNICAL GUIDE – Even more excellent tips for using Adwords campaigns to promote your business. Learning the best ways to do anything at all will always make a world of difference.
  11. 25 Facebook Advertising Tips – Advertising on Facebook confuses many people, but it is really not that hard, just a bit overwhelming at first. The same goes for anything new you are learning so it is important to take the time to find the best ways to do things.
  12. 10 Facebook Advertising Tips For Brilliant Marketers – This is another list of some great ways to make Facebook advertising work best for you and will help you get the results you desire.
  13. Facebook Advertising Tips and Strategies (Video) – This is a video done by Dominate Web Media and it is loaded with a lot of very useful information regarding FB advertising .
  14. 20 branding tips using only social media – This post is a must read and is loaded with top notch info on using social media to build your brand. Many companies have become very successful by embracing social media to get more business and to make their brand stand out so it gets noticed.
  15. Branding Tips: Know Why to Understand How – Yet another great post on branding, knowing why it is important, and also understanding the best ways to achieve your goals of building your brand correctly and efficiently.
  16. Tips For Social Media Strategies – Embracing social media is becoming increasingly more important to many companies, it is a great and very effective way to grow a business right from the start. Following tips by the experts will help you get to where you want to be much faster, and in 2012 it is hard to ignore the power that social media has become.
  17. 7 Branding Tips for Small Businesses – As you will notice, there are many legitimate experts that offer social media tips and they vary a bit from person to person. That is because there are many different strategies that work and will help with your branding efforts. Testing out the different strategies will help you find what works best for you and your company.
  18. 5 Easy Social Media Tips To Brand Yourself – Whether you are a freelancer or a public figure in your company it is important to spend some time on personal branding, here are some tips to help you get started in doing that.
  19. 100 Indispensable Personal Branding Tips – This is another huge collection of personal branding tips to help you on your way to success!
  20. The Website Marketing Mind Map: Internet Marketing Made Easy – This is a very interesting and important post by one of the innovators in the internet marketing world, this one is definitely a must read for anyone involved with internet marketing.

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