20 Blogs to Help You Start and Run a Successful Business

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Starting a business can be a confusing thing for many people, especially if it is your first time doing it. There are many different types of businesses you can start, so deciding what is the best type of corporation for what you are looking for is key. The different types of corporations all have different ways that taxes are handled, as well as how you are paid, what you can deduct when doing taxes and so much more. Learning a bit about the many things you will encounter when starting a business is important. We found 20 different sites that offer all kinds of great business start-up advice and tips to help you get on your way to a successful start-up. Remember to never rush with anything, take your time, develop a business plan and make your choices from there on how you want to incorporate.

  1. StartupNation – StartupNation is one of the best sites out there to help anyone that is looking to start a small business. They offer information on all aspects of getting your business going and it is a must read site for anyone looking to do this.
  2. Advice From the Trenches on Starting a Business – Here is an excellent blog post that discusses the things you need to do when you are first starting your business, it is an older article but still a great read.
  3. BizCoach – BizCoach is another top notch and extremely informative site for anyone getting ready to start up their own business, they cover everything that you will need to know and is another site that is definitely a must read.
  4. 10 Rules For Succeeding In Your Own Business – Here is a blog post with 10 rules for getting started and being successful with your own business. These are definitely some great tips to pay attention to and can help out greatly so you have success in your business endeavor.
  5. Advice on Starting a Business – Here is another blog post that discusses your business start up. The post talks about things you need to consider for both offline and online businesses and is a good read.
  6. 5 Tips for Starting a Small Business – This post has 5 tips for starting a small business, this is advice coming from people who have been through the process and have seen the ups and downs of running a small business.
  7. Advice for Starting a Business – 4 Things to Do – Here is another blog post that covers 4 of the most important things you should do and consider when starting your own business.
  8. 77 Business Tips For An Online Entrepreneur – Here are a lot of excellent tips for people that are starting an online business, all of these tips come from a veteran to online entrepreneurship, and tips from people that have been there are the best ones you will find.
  9. Small Business Help and Advice on Starting a Small Business – This site, TheSmallBusiness.org has a ton of great info that covers all aspects of what you will need when going into business.
  10. Get Advice on Starting a Particular Business – Here is a lot of great information that covers many different types of businesses and gives advice for them that pertain to each particular one. If you are starting any type of business listed you can find some great advice here.
  11. 10 Practical Tips for Starting Your Own Business – Here are some great tips from a group of people who have all launched successful businesses. This is a great list because it offers some unique advice that you may not find anywhere else.
  12. 17 Tips for Designers on Starting a Freelance Business – Here is a great post for freelance designers and it offers some excellent tips to help you get started with your own design business.
  13. 9 Twitter Etiquette Tips for Businesses Starting Out on Twitter – When starting a small business you are going to want to have an online presence, in this day and age it is almost a necessity. This post is a great guide for businesses getting started on Twitter and some of the basic rules you should follow.
  14. Legal Guide for Starting a Business – The Best Advice – Here is some great advice about the legal side of starting your own business, following State and Federal laws is very important so it is a good thing to learn about before jumping into anything.
  15. Business Plan Tips – Having a good business plan is the first key to having a successful business, it is one of the most important things you will do when starting a business so making sure it is done right is extremely important.
  16. 9 Tips for Starting a Business While You’re Still Employed – Many people that are starting small businesses like to start the planning process while they are still employed by another company. If this is your case then here are some good tips for you that can help you with priorities.
  17. Business Owners Idea Cafe – Biz café is an amazing site loaded with all kinds of advice, tips, and how-tos that can help you when you are starting your business and trying to get it off the ground.
  18. The Riley Guide Steps in Starting Your Own Business – Here is a lot more links to other great information that can help you with every step you will face when getting your business going.
  19. Starting a Business: Selecting a Good Lawyer – When starting and running your own business there may be times when you need to consult a lawyer, and having one specific lawyer that can help you whenever needed is important. Here is a nice little guide to help you choose the right lawyer for your business.
  20. A Touch of Business – Here is yet another great site that can help you in your endeavors of starting and running a business, if you have a question you will find it here.

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