8 Things Rich People Do That Annoy Regular Folks

by Staff Writer

Rich people can be a little out of touch with the rest of society. They may forget that the rest of us can't afford six cars, opulent summer homes, or a wardrobe of designer clothing. At times, this can result in embarrassing snobbery, which makes the regular person feel irritated by their rich friend. While they may have earned their riches through hard work and dedication, wealthy people who don't keep a humble mindset may find themselves ostracized by their peers, who can't relate to their petty needs. To avoid social snubbing, wealthy people should be aware of some key things they do that drive the "common folk" nuts.

  1. Talking about all the places they've traveled

    Nobody cares how many times you've been to Italy or Greece, especially if you flew there via your private jet. If all of your best stories start with, "This one time in France," you're best not to tell them. It will come across as bragging and will make you look pretentious. There are exceptions, of course. If the topic of travel is already relevant, swapping stories to this effect is acceptable. However, you should be sensitive to the fact that many people have never been outside of the country they live in, and your multi-cultural travel stories will only inspire envy and contempt.

  2. Giving ridiculous gifts

    Nothing will kill a white elephant gift exchange more than the one rich girl who puts in an inappropriately expensive gift. Not only is it embarrassing to the receiver to open a package to find a diamond studded handbag, but it makes everyone else feel as if you're just trying to get attention, especially since the gift limit was $15 bucks. You will get attention — but it will be negative attention. It's completely over the top and alienates others by making the statement that you can afford to throw away a couple grand on a casual gift-giving situation.

  3. Enrolling their children in private preschool

    Rich people have this idea set in their heads that putting their children through public school is the worst offense you can commit to a growing child. As if public schools were riddled with poor people diseases and made their children brain dead, wealthy people will do anything to get their kids into the best, most expensive school in the area. Many of these private schools cost more than average college tuition. Plus, children who go to public schools are generally better adapted to the culturally diverse world around them, one with all demographics included. Don't worry — the cafeteria food in public schools won't poison your J.Crew-clad children.

  4. Feigning an understanding of poverty

    Quite often when a wealthy person is describing someone in poverty, they will make a completely ludicrous comparison of things they have had to give up for such and such reasons. For example, "Oh, it must be difficult to be homeless. I once had to foreclose on one of my winter homes in Aspen, and it was dreadful." Making any comment as to concessions you've had to make in your abundant wealth is completely unattractive, and will incite scoffing and eye-rolling. The most graceful way to acknowledge poverty as a person of atypical wealth is to donate a handsome sum towards the charity of your choice per year, thus doing your part to better the lives of others instead of just getting another Bentley for your eight-car garage.

  5. Carrying around yappy dogs

    Toting a Chihuahua in your handbag will attract scorn. This Paris Hilton-esque behaviorism sets you apart from normal dog-owners that understand the value of walking a dog on leash, on solid ground, for exercise. Carrying a dog in your purse completely defeats the purpose of taking them out at all. It also accessorizes a living animal. The only way you can worsen the situation is to dress the pup up in an outfit or don him with a Juicy Couture dog collar.

  6. Spouting their politics

    Whether it's Hollywood star Sean Penn whining with his liberal agenda or a conservative CEO quoting Rush Limbaugh, rich people seem to feel considerably more entitled to yammer on about their political viewpoints. Especially when it concerns taxes, it can be truly grating to hear a rich person complain about how their tax dollar is being spent. Avoid complaining about how you shouldn't have to give the government handouts. We all work hard for our income. Just because you have more of it doesn't make you an exception to the taxpayer rule. Besides, there are plenty of hard-working people in the world who don't become wealthy, regardless of the work they've done.

  7. Being annoyed by "the help"

    When rich people ask their maids to vacuum in another room because they can't hear the episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County over the roar of the vacuum, priorities need to be re-assessed. This is especially a bad move to make in front of a less fortunate friend, who will feel horrified for the poor woman cleaning your home. Treat your house cleaners the way human beings should be treated — with courtesy. After all, they have 5,000 square feet of dust to clean in your mansion. The same goes for nannies; if a woman has taken over the role of handling your spoiled, bratty children, she should be treated with utmost respect.

  8. Driving under the influence

    While it's not exclusive to rich people, how many times do we hear about Lindsay Lohan's collisions after partying at the club? Celebrities drive drunk, stoned, or worse all the time. The real kicker here is that most of them have drivers who could easily prevent any mishaps in these situations. It's as though they just want to show off that brand new convertible they got, but it wouldn't be as effective from the passenger seat. The irritating result is that they are given essentially a slap on the wrist for these actions, as few of them actually do any real jail time. They can certainly afford the bail.


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